The American Fracture Association is a Non Profit Organization


The American Fracture Association was founded to create an interest and further the study of the various types of fracture therapy. It's primary

object is to bring together qualified physicians to openly and informally discuss fractures and their associated problems and by these discussions

assist in training all physicians, who are interested in the treatment of fractures.


The purposes of the corporation, as stated in its Certificate of Incorporation are as follows:

"The object of this Association shall be the advancement of medical science through the study, investigation and development of the various accepted types of treatment of fractures",

The activities in furtherance of the foregoing shall be determined and administered by and under the direction of the Board of Governors. The corporation also has such powers as are now or may have hereafter be granted by the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of the State of Illinois

The scope of treatment of fractures has been increased progressively, adding other modalities that are becoming available like, arthroscopic assisted treatment of articular fractures, periarticular locking plates, intramedullary locking nails, treatment of periprosthetic fractures etc. In the near future, the use of adjunts for fracture healing will be integral part of treatment of fractures. The AFA had presented in its meetings lectures in these modern modalities of care.

AFA aid history to other countries.

Since 1990, AFA has been involved in helping Haiti , Santo Domingo , Cuba , Bosnia and El Salvador , with medical supplies, money and personal involvement. Other members provided help to persons in other countries in need.

Haiti and El Salvador still receive help every year. Aid to the Dominican Republic consisted of a 20 bed full equipped hospital that was donated in conjunction with The Miami Medical Team. The mission to Bosnia was organized while the country was in war. After all the supplies for the mobile hospital and medical team were ready to go, the mission was canceled by the Clinton Administration due to security and logistics concerns. The ongoing participation of the USA and the State Department in the area was also considered.

To Cuba , we donated medical supplies, medical equipments and participations in orthopedic seminars and meetings. Throughout these years, we brought orthopedic surgeons to stay with members of the AFA and taught them new techniques in our specialty. Currently, the AFA represents the Latin American orthopedic surgeons practicing in the USA at the SLAOT (Latin American Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Society). Special thanks for the generous donations of Dr. Patrick Respect, Mr. Robert Klutts and the other dozens of members who have helped all these years. We encourage other members to participate. Please contact us.

Drs. Jose G. Ramon & Alfonso E. Pino

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